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Produce your
own energy!

Switch to Star Solar

More than solar panels, we are energy freedom

Leave behind the increases in the electricity bill by producing your own energy. Seize the opportunity and install a net metering solar energy system.

Installation services


Residential solar energy projects, are small solar-powered electricity generators that allow the residential consumer to generate all or part of the electricity consumed in their home. Installations are usually located on the roofs of houses.



Installing solar systems significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and reliance on the power grid. At StarSolar, we have a variety of flexible solutions that adapt to the structure of your business.



Solar power offers a clean and renewable alternative for the industrial energy consumer. We design systems that suit your objectives, combining solar systems with backup and redundancy solutions.


We have ample development capacity, financial strength and available land to be catalysts for the energy transformation in Puerto Rico. We are available to make alliances and links with competitors to strenghten the robust sector of solar companies on the island.

The best manufacturers

We use the manufacturers that produce the most reliable and highest performing solar panels on the planet - Tier 1

Monitoring systems

We include a remote monitoring system that allows you to see how much energy you produce, consume and export.

Resistant materials

The racks we use to fit the equipment to your home are extremely resistant and withstand winds of 165 mph.

Our systems


Tier 1 Panels

High power output, low LCOE, low resistive loss, and better mechanical load tolerance.



They work independently to generate more power and reduce costs compared to string inverters.


Tesla Power Wall

Integrated battery system that stores its solar energy for backup protection.



The solution to a faster and easier installation, including revolutionary universal clamps.

Do you need assistance?

Help the environment while saving money!

If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact us at

+1 (787) 305-1035

Sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems, find your solution now!

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