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  • How does solar energy work?
    Your solar panels capture the sun's rays and convert them into direct current electricity which, when passing through a converter, is transformed into alternating current, used by different appliances and appliances
  • How much does a solar panel system cost?
    The price of your solar panel system depends on the energy consumption of your home and the capacity of the system.
  • What should I know before an installation?
    The first thing is a study of the load or energy consumption of your home for the last twelve months. Then we design a system that goes hand in hand with your home.
  • What kind of certifications does Star Solar have?
    Our installers are certified electricians or electrical engineers, and meet the professional and educational requirements approved by the Energy Public Policy Program attached to the Department of Economic Development.
  • What is net metering installation?
    When your solar panel system has a surplus and this is reflected as a credit on your monthly electricity bill.
  • Does StarSolar offer financing?
    Yes. We have excellent financing alternatives with comfortable terms and monthly payments.
  • What happens if I consume more energy than my solar energy system generates?
    When exceeding the consumption generated by your solar energy system, one option is to connect to the electricity grid and the second is to install high-capacity batteries that can store electricity.
  • Do you need an Advice?
    Schedule a consultation with us through calendly
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