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About us

We are a Puerto Rican company that aspires to catalyze the energy transformation of Puerto Rico, with renewable energy. Our vision is to capture more than 20% of the solar market of the island.


Pioneers in home and business construction

StarSolar is part of the VRM Companies, which has more than 40 years of experience in the development of residential communities throughout the Island.  We will put the same passion and professionalism in the development of renewable energy. Through high performance solar technology, our company provides a quality option and excellent service to homes and businesses in Puerto Rico. 

With StarSolar

you will get the best solar system equipment 

installed by the 

best team.

The best batteries.

The best service.

The best guarantees.

And the best financing.

Our mission

At Star Solar we are dedicated to understanding the energy, financial and structural needs of your
project to provide you with the best energy solutions, offer best guarantees, save your money, improve your

quality of life, while helping the environment.

Our services

We design solar systems specifically to meet your requirements and consumption needs.​ We install quickly and complying with the highest industry standards, throughout the Island.

We consider the following:

Study of your
energy bill
Financing options
On-site installation system
Connection and certification of your

Our partners

Your Star Solar system is based on equipment with the highest technology and
with long-term manufacturer guarantees.

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